"Full stories are as rare as honesty, precious as diamonds. If you are lucky enough to uncover one, a full story will sit on your brain like lead. They are difficult. They are long-winded. They are epic. They are like the stories God tells: full of impossibly particular information" (from White Teeth by Zadie Smith)

How do we interpret history, how do we tell our stories? Our team of Volunteer Community Researchers embarked upon this project with such questions in mind. Here you will find a wonderful spectrum of stories, poetry and research, both written and oral testimony that connect Exeter's recent and distant history.  You can find them all by clicking on the links below. Feedback and questions welcome - tell us more stories!

Exeter's Chinese Community

A Migrant's Story

The King's Jews

Mary Slessor


Chosen By Ourselves

Multi-Cultural Exeter 1500-1800

Black G.Is

Mosley's Blackshirts

Joseph Pitts of Exon

Mrs. Hendy

You'll also find the audio interviews...

Bozenka Pearson

Terry Bissessar

John Antat

Chukumeka Maxwell

Ilana Pires

Samoala Jackson

Tim Niblock

Olive Fernandes

Hashim Rashid

Mustafa Tellesy